日本の夜を想起させる独特なスタイルを軸に、国内のコアな俚伝をギミカルに電化させるトラックメーカー。2017年作『不浮不埋 UkabazUmorezU』が国際的な評価(Pitchfork等)を獲得。2016年作『鯰上 On The Quakefish』はリプレスもレーベル元で完売。日本屈指のレーベル〈EM Records〉からの作品『如の夜庭 Garden in the Night (An Electronic Re-creation)』により世界中のコアなリスナーとコネクト。LOS APSON?の2014&2016~2018年間チャートに作品がそれぞれランクインし、Fabriclive(UK)への楽曲提供も 行った。また、BBC Radio、NTS Radio、Red Bull Radio等世界中のラジオ局にて頻繁に楽曲が使用されている。Solid Steel(Ninjatune)シリーズにRob Boothを唸らせた不思議なmixを提供。昨年のEUツアー(by RVNG Intl.)ではCafe OTO(UK)公演がsold outになる等、注目度の高さをうかがわせ、全13公演(6ヶ国)にてその独自性を遺憾なく発揮した。(ツアー期間中、Worldwide FMにてインタビューも収録) 国内外からの依頼多数により、現在複数のリリースを控える。尚、現行シーンでの活動と並行し、国内の郷土芸能アーカイヴプロジェクトに複数携わる等、亜種な活動を兀兀と展開中。10月には二度目のEUツアーを予定。

Sugai Ken, a sound musician that produces electrical noises inspired by Japanese folk traditions, has a distinctive style that is reminiscent of nightlife in Japan. Ken’s latest record, UkabazUmorezU (2017), which translates to ‘‘slow and steady wins the race”, has gained international praise from platforms such as Pitchfork. His album On the Quakefish, recorded in 2016, both original and repressed version were immediatley sold out. One of the most prominent Japanese labels, EM Records, released his Goto no Yoniwa (Garden in the Night), which further exposed him to international audiences.Ken’s works were featured on LOS APSON? charted throughout 2014, 2016 and 2017 and 2018. He also provided songs to Fabriclive (UK). In addition, Ken’s songs were frequently used by radios such as BBC Radio, NTS Radio and Red Bull Radio. He provided a mysterious mix to the Solid Steel (Ninjatune) series which had previously deeply impressed Rob Booth. Durin
g his EU tour (by RVNG Intl.) in April 2018, Ken attracted attention as his show at Cafe OTO was sold out, and he was able to demonstrate his originality at all 13 performances (across six countries) to its fullest extent. (Interviews were recorded on Worldwide FM during the tour). Currently he have to control the release in Japan and abroad, due to overwhelming demand. Aside from Ken’s current main activities, he is also constantly participating in unorthodox activities, such as several Japanese local talent archive projects. His 2019 EU-tour is scheduled for October.

Message from SUGAI KEN for CAMP Off-Tone 2019

出演させて頂きますSUGAI KENと申します。よろしくお願いします。


Sugai Ken – Wochikaeri to Uzume

Sugai Ken – Doujiri