Off-Toneからお知らせ。/ Announcement from Off-Tone.

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Off-Tone’s bandcamp

Announcement from Off-Tone.
Off-Tone has brought you a variety of sounds with a focus on ambient music, but we are pleased to announce that we have decided not to hold this year’s event.
Currently, various events are gradually being reopened.
But the responsibility we have in that case, in an unspecified gathering place, is significant, and we lack the resources to recover it.
Above all, it is impossible to change the situation that automatically demands a certain level of preparedness from the participants, and we could not shake the concern that our message would not be properly conveyed.
For these reasons, it is with great regret but we have decided to cancel all event projects that have been in progress.
We’re not at the stage to say anything specific about the future of the event, but we have plans to release new songs on the label.
In October, Off-Tone will release the first release of the dark ambient and experimental unit Magnifica, made up of session percussionist and producer IZPON and keyboardist GOMAX Gouda.
In November, a recording of the Sound art work that Daisuke Matsusaka exhibited at Shibuya Hikarie’s Cube 1, 2 ,3 in June will be released on cassette.
We look forward to bringing new music to you in these circumstances.
Off-Tone will continue to offer a curious musical lifestyle in the future.

Off-Tone’s bandcamp

14th September 2020