Sound Furniture feat. Fumiko Takeshita, K-Ta, Toshi Iio

DAY3(10/15 SUNDAY) ,OuterSpace

音楽家 / サックス・フルート奏者、藤枝伸介によるプロジェクト。空間の時間と質を高める “上質な家具のような” オト、音楽というコンセプトのもと「Sound Furniture」名義での公演や制作をスタート。

今回はCAMP Off-Tone2023のテーマと同名の2014年にリリースした初のフルアルバム「Rituals」の世界を素晴らしい演奏家とともに再現、現出させるパフォーマンスを行う。

藤枝伸介 Sinsuke Fujieda(sax,flute,etc)
竹下文子 Fumiko Takeshita(violin)
飯尾登志 Toshi Iio(piano, etc)

Project by musician / saxophone and flute player Shinsuke Fujieda. He started performing and producing under the name ‘Sound Furniture’ based on the concept of ‘fine furniture-like’ sounds and music that enhances the time and quality of space.

This time, he will be recreating and bringing to life the world of his first full-length album ‘Rituals’, released in 2014, which has the same name as the theme of CAMP Off-Tone 2023, together with some great performers.

Sinsuke Fujieda (saxophone,flute,etc)
Fumiko Takeshita (violin)
K-Ta (vibraphone,etc)
Toshi Iio(piano, etc)

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