Miki Yui

DAY1(10/13 FRIDAY),Outer Space
DAY2(10/14 SATURDAY),Inner Space



さらに、Outer SpaceとInner Space両方での演奏を行うため、空間と時間が音とその認識に与える影響をはっきりと体感できるだろう。



A Tokyo-born musician and artist, currently residing in Dusseldorf, Germany, who has manipulated field recordings, subtle noise, electronic acoustics, and more to weave a delicate and organic musical realm. In their usual concerts, they present sound and intervals as an entry point, sharing a method that allows audiences to deeply engage with the music. Additionally, this time, they have embarked on a sound production conscious of the locality, taking an approach that delves even further into the characteristics of music at “that place and time.”

Furthermore, by performing in both Outer Space and Inner Space, we will be able to clearly experience the influence that space and time have on sound and its perception. This visit to Japan, realized with their extensive collaboration after several years, will present an extraordinary opportunity. This enchanting and gentle world of sound is bound to captivate both children and adults alike.


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