KOSS aka Kuniyuki

DAY2(10/14 SATURDAY),Outer Space

札幌を拠点に活動する音楽家、Kuniyuki Takahashiのelectroやtehcno、ambientなどの要素を実験的に取り入れたユニット「KOSS」。


いままでそんな光景を、CAMP Off-Toneのお客さんは何度も目撃したはず。


Based in Sapporo, musician Kuniyuki Takahashi’s unit “KOSS” seamlessly blends experimental elements from genres like electro, techno, and ambient. Crafted with an intricate understanding and deep affection for all types of music, the resulting sound is entirely improvised and constructed, creating a resolute artistic universe that drastically transforms the atmosphere.

Audiences at CAMP Off-Tone have likely witnessed such scenes multiple times before. Once again, by utilizing elements within the venue as sound sources, this performance will undoubtedly amplify the concept of “inspiration from the locality,” allowing us to sense it even more strongly.

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