Please read it carefully before you come.By purchasing the tickets and participating in the event, we assume your understanding and compliance on the following conditions:



GATE OPEN: 9/14 14:00, START: 9/14 16:00, END: 9/16 10:00, CLOSE: 9/16 12:00

  • Parking opens at 13:00 (9/14). Prior entrance will not be permitted and there is no space to wait and park near the reception. Therefore, if you expect to arrive early, we recommend you to visit Shosenkyo on the way to the venue. It’s stunning!
  • When you arrive at the venue, please exchange tickets to wristbands at the reception. If you booked a cottage, let us know with a reservation slip.
  • If you are 13 years old or above, you will need a ticket to enter. Children under 13 years old, please pay the kids fee ¥1,000 (It comes with an original badge and free workshop).
  • If you are coming by car, you will need a parking ticket to park your car (You cannot park your car without the ticket). Drive to the reception area and show your parking ticket to our staffs.
  • If it’s necessary to move your car, you can re-park your car. But you’ll need to park at the original parking space.
  • If you are using cottage, there is a parking space near your cottage. Due to the safety reason, you will not be able to move or re-park your car until the event finishes.
  • There won’t be any shuttle bus or public bus transportation to the venue. Please come by your car or take a taxi from Kofu Station. (About 40 minutes, ¥7,000)

[Link] NAVI TIME: Taxi fare from Kofu Station to Mount Pier Kurohira(in Japanese)
[Link]How to travel between Kofu and Tokyo(in English)
[Link]Highway Bus :Tokyo-Kofu Line Time Schedule & Bus fare(in Japanese) / (in English /PDF)


In fact (we do not recommend this), there is a way to the venue by taking a public bus and taxi. You will need to take a local bus to Shosenkyo Takigami from Kofu Train Station. Then take a taxi from Shosenkyo to the venue but we advise you to contact the taxi company in advance.


Sightseeing information around the venue.

  • Arakawa Dam (Lake Nousen) (5.8km, 25min drive from the venue)
  • Ooguro Store; food, drinks, soba noodle, ice cream and souvenir. (5.8km, 25min drive from the venue)
  • Kanazakura Shrine (8.5km, 30min drive from the venue)Famous for crystal.
  • Meotogi Shrine (7.9km, 29min drive from the venue) 1,000 years of Japanese horse chetnut tree which is a sacred body. And also famous for healthy child. 

All these places above have parking space.

[Link]Shosenkyo Gorge(in English)


  • We are trying to make this event `zero trash`, thus we appreciate for your understanding of taking your own trash home with you. (You will get a free trash bag at the reception)
  • You are allowed to put your tent only at camp sites. Due to the limitations of space, share your space with your neighbors and refrain from using large tarps.
  • NO OPEN FIRE at any place. You can use cassette gas stoves and fire pits. But when you use fire, please be very very cautious.
  • NO SOUND SYSTEMS (including smart phones) / NO DRUMS /  NO INSTRUMENTS. If you want to listen to your own music, please put your earphones. (We provide you good music though)



  • Bringing your own ‘my cups / dishes / cutlery / chopsticks’ is more than welcome!
  • Make sure to bring warm clothes! It takes place in the woods above 1000m and the temperature could go below 10 degrees at night through the next morning.
  • Don’t forget your light! There are some dark areas at the campsite.
  • You can bring your own food & drinks but please remember that we are waiting for you with bunch of really good food & drinks. They really are yummy!!!
  • The event will take place in the case of rain. Please make sure to bring your own rain gear.



  • There is a free public bath open for everyone. Just don’t forget to bring your towel / soap / shampoo / conditioner / etc… (There is no safety box) 
  • Bath time: 9/14 16:00 – 21:30, 9/15 15:00 – 21:30
  • Next to the bath area, there will be a professional body care therapist where you can get a really good massage (this is a paid service). If you are interested, please check and make a reservation in advance.
  • There is a workshop for children and it’s all free for kids!






  • There will be no cloakroom or lockers. Please take care of your own belongings.
  • We do not accept parcels delivery service such as TA-Q-BIN at Mount Pier Kurohira.
  • Your mobile phone connections will be very poor at the venue. `docomo` and `softbank` may work but we are at deep in the forest so please understand the inconvenience.
  • NO FIREWORKS / NO FLAMMABLE MATERIAL anywhere at the venue. It is strictly prohibited to bring firearms or any dangerous material.
  • OFFTONE does not take responsibility for any accidents or thefts that occur at the venue. Please take care of your valuables.
  • As noted before, no sound systems (including smart phones) / no drums / no instruments at any where in the venue. Please be respectful with the surroundings.
  • Pets are allowed only accompanied by their owner (“pets” referring typically to: dogs, cats, ferrets, certain rodents) . However, please be aware that some people are not good with animals and/or their sounds. As it is an event with a large number of people, we ask for the consideration of the surroundings.
  • If you are injured or feel sick, let us know. There is a nurse at the venue. In addition, there is an  emergency medical center in Kofu-shi.

Emergency medical service center:



  • Cancellation or change of performers, cancellation due to natural disasters, accidents or any other reason beyond our controls, money for ticket will not be refunded. 
  • We will not reissue forgotten tickets, lost tickets and wristbands. Make sure to take care of your own tickets. 
  • If advance tickets are sold out, those who do not have tickets will not be able to enter. (We are not sure yet but if we sell tickets at the gate, you can purchase and enter).


If you have any questions, please contact us from “Contact” on this website.